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Astro Coach
Astro program
After the formation of your AstroProfile, what follows next is decoding your innate gifts, talents, limitations, and behavior patterns of the past and present.

Here comes the next step ✨AstroProgram✨— a guided program dedicated to helping you transition from becoming aware to actively working on yourself, from the inside out, on chosen focus areas like love life, financial life, mental well-being, etc.

But why do you need this?
Each thought, idea, and belief you unconsciously and subconsciously embody carries an energy signature that matches the characteristics of a particular planet(s) placement.
Such energy can be positive or negative, relating to the specific planet's placement, movement, and present circumstances.

Take AstroProgram as your coach, helping you recalibrate the negative, limiting beliefs, ideas, or thoughts within you that simultaneously change the planet's influence too.

You are rewriting your present and future by reconfiguring what's inside.
In the process, you will acquire the biggest lesson of the Universe: You are the creator of your destiny.