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Astro Coach
Based on your birth chart's findings, we offer personalized affirmations designed to harness a specific planet's energy plus power and activate your subconscious's innate strengths and capabilities.
Think of affirmations like a seed that needs to be planted in the soil of your subconscious to grow and reap new, sweet fruits.
However, the seed must be nourished daily, following certain rules for a specific duration to yield results.

Affirmations are the key to unlocking the pathway to your soul's evolution—changing the celestial pattern and creating a new configuration of thoughts and behaviors within your subconscious.

Scientifically, such affirmations offer numerous psychological, mental, and emotional benefits, like,

  1. Cognitive restructuring challenging and changing negative thought patterns.
  2. Boosting self-confidence and self-worth.
  3. Activating reward centers and reducing stress.
  4. Coping with adversity with a positive mindset.
  5. Aligning thoughts with actions for long-term behavioral change.
  6. Creating new brain pathways for positive change (neural plasticity).
  7. Achieving positive results based on belief (placebo effect).

Please note affirmations can vary in effectiveness among individuals and are often used as part of a broader self-improvement strategy.